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Donny a posted Feb 23, 12
Hey everyone, sorry that the server hasn't been up lately, haven't really had the time to maintain a server for awhile, and i kinda got into WoW. But hopefully i can get the server back up soon. Shouldn't been too long though, hope everyone comes back once i start it back up. 
Samnation55 Terraria 1.2!!! I know nobody's been on for a while now but I'm just remembering fun old times. Was great guys...
DHG Jr2dru Donny you need to put server back up!! please
Lucifer Were back , ill be checking server status every so often.


Donny a posted Feb 9, 12
Is anyone even going on the server anymore? Lately the logs aren't showing anyone being on at all, it's been pretty dead for a couple of days now. Lemme know if you're having connection issues.
cptwaffles i try to get on but its offline and i really like this server so i hope it gets all fixed. im keeping my fingers crossed...
Donny a I haven't had the server on lately, i'm at a friends house with my computer so the server hasn't been up ...
arrieta I haven't been on because every time I'm able, the server isn't online. Bad timing, I guess.

This months internet issue.

Donny a posted Feb 3, 12
Got some bad news for everyone, since i've been sick for the past week and a half i haven't been at work, and my internet bill hasn't been payed for awhile so it's probably going to get shut off this month until i start working again, and i don't know when that'll be. If everyone want the server to stay up donations would be appreciated. Also i will not be upgrading my internet any time soon, as i might be moving out in the next couple of months.


Edit: Also the vent server will be ending on the 12th or so, if 5 or more people want the vent to stay, i'll start i back up. Leave a comment if you want vent to stay.
DHG Jr2dru donny***
DHG Jr2dru hey dont ill add more as soon as i can i need to visit bank tomorrow tho, i want the server back up
DHG Jr2dru i will try to confirm my paypal and donate around $30


Donny a posted Jan 27, 12
Now running Tshock 3.6.

Changeset for TShock:
- Added /group list - List groups
- Added /group perm [group] - List permissions for group
- Changed /world to include the world name and id
- Added logging to boss summoning
- Added permission for seeing user ids when using /who
- Fixed IndexOutOfRange on SendTileSquare
- Position now updates for hacky noclip detection and teleportation
- Fixed an exploit that allowed users to sneak items onto a server running SSI
- Fixed Skeletron Prime disabling players
- Fixed music boxes

Changeset for TShock Server API:
- Added a NPC Spawn hook and event
- Fixed world save hook being called during auto-creation of new worlds
- Added an option to ignore API checks
- Added a work around for case sensitive filesystems

Ventrio, or not?

Donny a posted Jan 24, 12
If people don't start using the Vent, then i'm just going to cancel it, i thought of it to be an easier way to communicate rather then typing all the time. It's a free program that you can download, it's safe and very easy to use. You can download it @  http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php
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